iPhone 3G Day

At 5:00am, my alarm blared, waking me (and Jean) for the geekstravaganza of iPhone 3G launch day. I rolled out to Fairoaks mall by 5:30, getting me to an already busy parking lot teeming with young people having nothing better to do that day than queue up for Apple’s latest iPhone.
So what’s so big about this? It’s not like a 3G MP3 player/phone hasn’t been released before, but there’s nothing quite like the iPhone.
The excited mall guards opened the mall by 6 and we were in. Apple has already been around to distribute AT&T rate plan cards, as well as Caribou Coffee (cream, sugar?) and Smart Water.
Stay tuned. They say there will be enough phones for us in the front of the line (I’m 45 or so of a couple hundred).
Some days later…I got my iPhone 3G, but not after having to beg Jean to come into the store to give an appearance, she holding the title of “Account holder” for the AT&T account we have.
The kids behaved well enough while Jean fed them her info. Fortunately she was able to exit the store and not wait for the eventual two crashes of the AT&T servers, after which the iTunes servers, still unavailable and overloaded themselves, caused the Apple employees servicing me to send me home to activate in iTunes on my own…
So far the 3G is very cool; the GPS feature is pretty swift, as is the faster 3G networking is great. Of course, half the awesomeness is from the iPhone 2.0 software, to which Jean also has access, having inherited my original iPhone.