Summer is nearly here

As I write this, Eleanor vies for my attention. I’m taking a couple days off to try and stabilize our dome-icile (Jean’s pun) and have a few moments to myself to catch up on the blog. I hand Eleanor a pot-holder hot pad and gently pull away from her the paper on which she’s chewing.
Our basement finishing project has taken up most of our spare time of late. The most recent debacle was the basement entrance door; we have 2×6 framing in our basement, meaning to get a door, it needs to have a slightly deeper jamb than your average 2×4 pre-hung door. No problem, right? We purchased a door, ripped out the old one, and…the new one was for 2×4 framing. Again, no big deal. Jean goes to return the door and get the right one. She calls me: “They don’t stock them. Call Lowe’s.” I do. They say thet stock them, I call her back to relay. She drives there. They don’t stock them and deny ever having told me that. By the end of the day we have plastic stapled up. It’s sweltering.
By the next morning the dogs have pulled the plastic from the frame (their door has been in the basement door since we moved in) and ants are invading the basement. The bag of mortar I used to deter them has tipped over and spilled on our newly installed carpet.
I stop by Gome Depot on the way home from work to order the door. It should arrive…10 days later! The following weekend I assemble a frame of 2×4 and duct tape the plastic to it, and screw the frame to the door opening. I vacuum the mortar up; we are at least stable. In the meantime we’re doing electrical finish work, have a plumber flip out on us, installing flooring, Bob is tiling.
Ten days pass, Kathy goes to pick up the door, and the delivery truck hasn’t arrived. She plants herself there until she can get a straight answer. Minions dig a bit and discover that the fax line to which they transmit orders is incorrect! No one who’s ordered a door in at least the last two weeks has their door! Jean casts mental missiles towards the bright orange retailer. She then calls Bull Run Supply, who says they can have a door in three days!
(Eleanor is asleep in my arms now as I type with my right hand) Jean has just picked up the door, and we’ll install it after lunch. I’ll sand and paint baseboard today, maybe install some.
In the meantime, the garden is nearly swallowed in weeds šŸ™‚ The wineberries are nearly here, as is summer. Thunderstorms and power outages, wonderful weather and tree frogs make up our environment. A couple of different Belgian Ales fill various bottles and carboys, ready for drinking in July. The solstice is nearly upon us (June 20, 2008 at 7:59 PM EDT)!