iPhone 3G Announced!

Set your calendars! 11 July 2008 is the official release date of the iPhone 3G model. Today at the 2008 World Wide Developer’s Conference, Steve Jobs, along with a cast of several co-speakers, presented the sold-out show with iPhone 2.0 software (pushed to early July) and the iPhone 3G.

Steve and his cadres ticked off the bullet points differentiating the second generation iPhone from it’s current brethren:

  • GPS
  • 3G
  • Third party applications
  • More countries
  • More affordable

If you haven’t read about the annoncement, Google it, or head over to MacWorld’s full account of the keynote. Most important I think is the price: $199 for an 8GB model and $299 for a 16GB model. That’s equates to between one and three shares of Apple Stock right now, currently trading at just over $177/share!