Happy Birthday, Jean :)

DSC_3656.NEFJean and I enjoyed her birthday a lot; I got to surprise her nearly every day I took off this past week (that in itself a surprise).
Wed: pretended to go to work, mowed the lawn and other chores before she got back home; took the kids while she did her GMU interview, made dinner
Thursday: Sent her to the Pink Pantry to play Myst IV, took her to lunch at 2941, my parents watched the kids until I took us all out to dinner at Preet Palace
Friday: surprised her again by taking the day off to go wine tasting at Pearmund Cellars (seriously good) and the Winery at LaGrange.
**On a side note, we managed to find a ’94 Volvo 850 to replace Jean’s ’96 850GLT. It’s black. Do we call it Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter? Or the Imperial Shuttle? Or maybe Serenity? Ideas?