photo.jpgZurich was a short one-hour hop from Frankfurt. My layover there was enough to catch my breath and hop on another plane to Geneva, not even thirty minutes long. Despite the short run, we got served a tasty little slice of cured meat, butter and pickle on a roll of sorts and a Swiss red wine.
photo.jpgI didn’t have to check any luggage, so once I disembarked, went through customs (less hassle than even returning to the US) and hit up the ATM for some Francs, I saw Christophe and dad headed my way, pretty much 15 minutes or so. Mom was taking a snooze at his apartment, so after greetings, we headed back there to pick her up and head to the hotel.
Christophe has put us up at a Best Western downtown, quite close to anything and everything. Mom and Dad decided to take a siesta, but despite being travel-weary, I showered ad walked around downtown. I adhere to Jean’s theory of staying awake once you arrive in order to beat the jet lag.
I eventually found a little street-side cafe, at which I got a good-tasting cafe.
Tonight Christophe us making us dinner and he and I may go out afterwards.photo.jpg