International Man of Mystery, Day one

I’m travelling to Switzerland this evening (flight leaves in 45 minutes) in order to attend Christophe’s wedding. Rough life.
Sitting in the red carpet club with my parents, the 1k duo, waiting for the boarding announcement.
Per my agreement with Jean, I’ll record in loving detail, each delicious cafe, crispy baguette, smelly cheese, and boisterous wine I try.
Jean and I had seriously considered taking the whole family, as my parents are generously paying for our tickets with their miles, but on top of having to rush Merrill and Eleanor’s passport process, the thought of making sitting arrangements, let alone nursing for the duration of a full-on Catholic wedding in a foreign country was too much. So I go for all of us, a noble sacrifice if I so say so myself.
iPhone in hand, international data and voice plans secured, I’ll be blogging each moment.
A bientot!