Happy Birthday Me(rrill)!

pins.jpgToday I’m 32, and Merrill is 2. I’m taking the week off in celebration 🙂
I’ve got to say I’m enjoying my thirties at least as much as my twenties. The latter was all about finding my soulmate and building our house and lives together. The former is now nearly all about our family and home, as well as expanding my horizons and tastes.
This past week Justin had me over for a couple drams of scotch. After a dram of Longrow, he brought up a bottle of Ardbeg Airigh Nam Beist (arry nam baysht), a gift to me. Seriously overwhelming. Jim Murray has some excellent things to say about it, but he’s an Ardbegian like me…We’re headed to a Stout-Tasting dinner at Bierra Paradiso Monday evening to top off both of our birthday’s (his is the 21st). Nothing better than a couple drams in front of a cracklng fire in the evening with your best friend.
This reminds me of a dream Lucas had last fall. Not the dream per-se, but the circumstances surrounding it. He had been sick or something, perhaps peed in his bed. In any case, it was the middle of the night and he ended up sleeping on the couch. The next morning he related to us that he’d had a really cool dream, perhaps involving flying dragons, if I remember correctly. Lucas was all excited about telling us what happened, to the point of getting us to help him recreate it that evening. He lay on the couch, pointed up to the vaulted ceiling, where the dragon was swooping around, an asked thy we turn off the lights so the dream could start. He was so disappointed when the dream didn’t simply begin like our cable DVR. I guess that’s one of the unique circumstances that our generation’s kids will face; that on-demand media is so pervasive and magical to young kids that it’s not unlike dreams.
On Sunday I’m smoking a pork shoulder for our birthday dinner and will be enjoying that ad a couple wee rams of Scotch half my age. I feel rather guilt-free about it, having reached my goal weight of 170 pounds. Yay me 🙂