Cape Cod & Snot

Get six kids less than six years old in the same house for a week and you’re likely to get snot. Even if you’re in Cape Cod having a blast 🙂

Jean and the kids left (driving) for Boston a week before I did, leaving me to the house all on my own. Each time this happens I realize just how much of my survival skills (like cooking) I’ve dumped from my core memory in order to wedge my job into the depths of my brain. Watch Johnny Pneumonic sometime and you’ll understand what I mean.
The main difference of course is that instead of Asian gang members trying to get at the 80GB in my brain, I have pets clamoring to be fed and I have to put my time to good use – in this case I finished the work Jean and I had begun, sanding, varnishing and finally installing the moulding and trim work on the first floor windows.
Dad was a big help, on the last day enabling me to finish hours ahead of schedule and therefore making it possible for me to clean the house (a la Ed – picking up and vacuuming the visible dirt), bottle my beer (Amarillo Pale Ale) and pack!
I drove up to Cape Cod the next day in a veritable haze, Harry Potter and his friends Hermione and Ron winding their way to their destiny on my iPod as I coasted up through the tolls on the highways and byways of the east coast. I arrived just as Harry was ____________ (I’ll leave this out for those who haven’t read yet), putting me in a real spot. Of course I decided it would be crass for me to sit in the driveway listening to the remainder of the book while my wife and kids banged on my window, so I broke off the listening enchantment.
We enjoyed an excellent seafood dinner that evening, kicking off my weekend with the four families and six kids (Kathy, Bob, Kate, Kip, Xander & Zeke, Amy, Robert(the younger), Ryanne, Jean, Lucas, Merrill and myself) in style with overturned water and milk, crumbled crackers, smeared ketchup and a harmony of screaming, squealing and general cacophony.
Friday we went to a beach where I got to spend some quality time with the kids, sailing them over waves surfboard-style, and playing with sand and shells. Good times. In the afternoon we went on a kid-oriented sea fishing cruise with Captain Danny. While good ‘ol Danny may have been a little rough around the edges, it in no way diminished the kids excitement (or mine, sheepishly) in catching smallish fish or tiny nurse sharks. We were able to keep the eating fish, which Bob filleted and grilled that evening as an accompaniment to Jean’s butter curry chicken.
Saturday we drove back to Boston and journeyed to the Boston Children’s Museum, a truly awesome place. You know it’s good if you hear more screaming on the way out than in – the kids didn’t want to leave. I never knew you could have so much fun watching golf balls roll down metal rails. We finished up the day at Faneuil Hall with a variety of semi-fast food.
The next day we caravanned in our three vehicles back to Fairfax, pulling nearly a 12 hour trip in total. Yuck. Good thing we had our EZ Passes and enough water and coffee. I caught up on my podcast listening…and now we’re back, recovering from the snot, hacking and what-not. August begins and of course this is the most humid week of the year 🙂