Family Roadtrip 2007 – We’re home!

And of course we made it home by June 3rd…but life waits for no-one, so we stumble forward into a summer full of social business and growth…

We immediately set to claiming our home again, taking in the hearthwood scents and the kids setting about to wreak havoc with their possessions and couch cushions. What with the utility shed up, I began moving basement stuff out to it, ultimately making more of a mess in the meantime than I had intended.

Not two days after we’d arrived home, I jetted off to Dallas for a manager’s meeting. Having recently joined the ranks of middle management, I was initiated onto the fence, neither being able to come down on the side of our corporate entity (really about a dozen people) or my former brethren (the ranks), while being informed of my HR responsibility when it comes to both 🙂 Actually less dilbert than you might think, I’m enjoying it.

Now that we’ve actually had a full weekend to ourselves, we’ve been able to plant the remainder of the garden: corn, carrots, cucumber, cantaloupe, leeks, shallots, thyme, several varieties of peppers, and watercress. We’ve also begun to see the fruits of our labors: snap and sugar peas, tomato plants that look promising, lettuce and spinach, one broccoli plant, near-ready blueberries on domestic and wild bushes, etc. We can also see that our picking the wineberries for the past couple years had caused them to spread incredibly well in several areas. If you’ve not had a wineberry before, it’s like a seedless red rasberry, but doesn’t get as dark when ripe. Incredible for pies. Speaking of pies, I made our first blueberry pie of the season with a quart of my mothers’. Incredible stuff.

As I write this, I’m having one of the more relaxed evenings in recent history. It’s about 69 degrees at 9:45 at night. The air is still. Lightning bugs (I mean fire flies, jean 🙂 ) are blinking in small groups all in the trees and down in the field near the bonfire pit; not as much as they will be in July, but enough to notice. The night noises are an early summer song; a shhhk-shhhhk-shhhk-shhhhk-shk-shk-shk-shk of some insects rubbing their legs and wings like a rattle snake or one of those chain instruments in music class first. This is the most constant and pervasive. Then what seems like one lone cricket’s lonely song telling me it’s cooler this evening. After than, the treefrogs. Two distinct groups. One down by the creek and one up in the forest, both going crooaaak-creeak, croooak-creeek. No peepers for us this year, or perhaps we don’t have enough still water around for them. Oh, and the Bowmore single malt doesn’t hurt either.

Jean played perhaps one of her last volleyball games of the season this evening. She brought the kids and I met her there. We were able to watch a couple games and cheer Mama on before heading home. I think the season is coming to an end, but more importantly, Jean is now four months pregnant with our third child. We have a sonogram scheduled for the 28th to find out the gender. Hard to deliver in a blog post, but we’re elated 🙂

We’re gearing up for our first bonfire of the year on the 23rd. If you’re in town and haven’t seen the evite and are local, chances are your spam blocker caught it or we managed to forget your email – drop us a line and we’ll add you! About 50-60 people are expected so far, and we look forward to seeing all of you guys.