Merry Month of May

Jean is in San Diego this weekend and I’ve just now lost my wallet. At least the kids are eating!

We’re having a well enough time though, as we don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. Cards are cancelled, car has been scoured, at least there was no cash.
Yesterday’s weather was a dream! We walked the dogs, went on more walks in the woods, and I began to mow the lawn. I’d mowed the part in front of the house last weekend and it had already grown some 6-8 inches! Of course I didn’t finish before dinner though.
Today was rainy, and a little cool. Great indoor weather for posting stuff to FreeCycle and Craig’s List, making beer (Belgian Wit) and having The Fellowship of the Ring on in the background while the kids napped. It’s a good life, I can’t complain.
No beer or scotch tonight though. I bottled my Grande Cru last night and had a Sweet Bourbon Stout (take one part Sweet Stout, add measure of Bourbon Whiskey) to enjoy the whole process (as one must do when brewing or bottling), and talked myself into having one of my last Barley Wine beers on top of that. Fell asleep at the keyboard while searching for ways to extend Movable Type, on which Hearthwood Dome Blog is built. At least the kids let me sleep in this morning.
I’ve also been popping DVD’s into the computer and using HandBrake to convert our collection into an Apple TV-compatible format in preparation for our Apple TV arriving sometime in June (to coincide with my purchase of the up-and-coming iPhone).
Tomorrow is supposed to bring more sunshine. In the morning I plan to pick up the last of some firewood from a generous freecycler with my Dad while Mom watches the kids, and then Kathy and Bob are going to avail themselves to the great Hearthwood labor pool by assisting with the assembly of our recent Erector set-style utility shed. We’re pushing to get as much of the outdoor-style equipment out of the basement and into an actual shed. You know, just so you don’t smell fresh cut grass in the basement all summer long:)