Run, Runner!

Jean and I took the Metro into downtown DC today, to freeze in what would have otherwise been a perfectly acceptable day to stay inside with a warm cup of cocoa…

Jean had signed us up for a St. Patrick’s Day 8K race to benefit Special Olympics, as a birthday present for me on the request that she get me “an experience” rather than a material object. Those of you couples thinking I was asking for an invitation to go to “Good Guys”, think again, I really wasn’t asking for that 🙂

In any case, we’ve been training for some 8 weeks or so, slowly working our way from a 2 mile start to today’s 5 mile finish. Very fun stuff.

We began the day by suspiciously eyeing the thermometer and questioning just how many layers to put on top of our St. Patrick’s day t-shirts that hadn’t seemed quite so optimistic when Jean gifted them to us in January. Kathy came over to watch the kids and we were off to the Metro to catch a 7:30 train to make it to Federal Triangle in time to get to the Old Post Office Pavillion on Pennsylvania Ave by 8:30.

The wind was ferocious, so we got a good start by jogging (sprinting?) from the car to the metro and then glued ourselves into our seats and soaked up the heat provided by the cars.

We jogged again from the metro stop to the beginning point, and got the full brunt of the wind going down Pennsylvania Ave, whipping around the milieu as if we were leaves.

We managed to hear a short speech by someone at the Irish Embassy wherein she mis-named the mayor “Anthony” Fenty instead of Adrian and then she said “go!”. Of course, since there were over 4000 people there, it was several minutes before we crossed the starting line. That’s a good point to mention that we had little chips attached to our shoelaces accurately timing us.

target=”_blank”>Jean and I came in at an average of 9:36/mile on average over the five.

Fun stuff. I think we’ll be signing up for a 10K in July 🙂