Spring is coming

I’m all for trying new foods but…

to see Merrill look up at us from the yard with brown specks on her face, AFTER I’d assured Jean that Merrill would do no such thing…well, yes she had in fact taken at least a bite or two of dog poo. I can only imagine her expression was similar to that when she snagged a bit of stout.

I’m much less affected by that notion than Jean, apparently. I wiped off her face, her hands, and changed out her shirt. I wonder which dog it was? I’m guessing Merrill got the idea in the first place because of Lucy’s assiduous (I’ve wanted to use that word forever) habit of eating her or Maruska’s excrement.

What a way to break in spring, eh? Nice weather, let the kids loose in the yard…and poopy.

Jean and I further pushed into spring by planning our garden layout, consulting Kathy, our Master Gardener on retainer, and planting seedlings in a couple planting trays. Our hope is to preserve them from Georgia’s litter box fancy by stashing them in our master bath, which has yet to grow a finished shower and jacuzzi tub on it’s own.

I planted generous portions of peppers, jalapeños, broccoli, chives, basil, sunflowers, AND artichokes. We’re especially curious to see if the last one flourishes, as we are very fond of them.

Did you happen to catch the full lunar eclipse this past weekend? We barely saw it; a bit clouded over here.

Wish us luck and warm weather, as we continue to get frosty temperatures here in rural NoVA.