Happy New Year!

2007. We’re starting all over again. Got any resolutions?

I’m pledging to keep the weight off that I took off with weight-watchers. And to do at least one significant thing to improve myself for the sake of my family; don’t get your hopes up, it will be something like taking guitar lessons, or playing a sport. Anything to help me be a more well-rounded individual.
We’re expecting a new arrival in the Hearthwood household. No, not a new baby, rather a new iMac! Said Mac will be here within the week and will put the one on which I write this into the market for a fresh distro of Ubuntu Linux. Super fun time.
New Years was a blast – we hung out with exactly zero people who had kids. Lucas and Merrill hung out with my gracious parents, while we hung out with people as much as ten years our younger. I played beer pong. We toasted with champagne. It was weird.
Merrill has been taking her first steps. Actually at Aunt Sue and Uncle Larry’s Christmas party to be exact. Ever since she’s been dying to just start running. Lucas and she have had an absolute blast with the cousins in town, exchanging bad habits and germs, along with good holiday cheer:)
We miss Robert, who is over in Iraq. We hear the things to send are non-scented wipes and cookies, but no porn or booze. From that alone it would seem like camp, but camp is usually only the summer; sadly this is not.
We also miss my sister, Rebecca, out in CO, stuck on a retail shift. Fortunately, she will make it into town for Merril’s and my shared birthday this month.
Good luck in oh-seven everyone.