Sugar Plums, Yule Logs, Bells cut from harnesses and a fat man in a red suit trying to get down my chimney…the holiday season?

…Or a bad trip I had once…you decide.
We’re slumming in town again for the holiday weekend, being fortunate enough to have both sets of parents around, as well as most of Jean’s family flying into town courtesy of Grammy K. We’ve already pulled a couple fast ones, dumping the kids on willing grandparents in order to go out to a couple holiday dinners and pretend we don’t have kids.
Jean is on her way back home from a marathon trip to NJ to visit Fiona for her 30th, I mean 25th, birthday. It took her seven hours to get there, in what would normally take 3-3 1/2!
Our annual solstice celbration came off without a hitch. Good food and friends all around. We tapped and kicked the solstice ale in the span of some six hours! The baked brie is a cinch to make, by the way; one slice (piece?) of Pepridge Farm (or other) puff pastry laid flat, spread jam of choice, then insert mini brie (rind and all) and fold over. Flop onto the folded side and refrigerate until you’re ready to bake (20 min @ 400F), then brush egg yolk over the pastry for a shiny, crispy texture before baking. I got this from our friend, Lauren.
Good stuff.