Happy Birthday, Lucas, Bob

Lucas turned three on Monday, and Bob…well, he got older on Sunday:)

Of late I’ve really been interested in learning about trees, mainly because of Lucas. Once we told him that one tree was a conifer or Tulip Poplar, he couldn’t stop asking which kind ALL the trees were. I felt a little shame-faced that I had to say “American Beech” every time I didn’t know, or even worse for a guy and father “I don’t know.”
With the help of a field guide, I’ve found that we have Russian Olive, Hickory, Mountain Maple, Swamp White Oak, Sassafrass, Yellow (what we call Tulip) Poplar, Red Oak, American Beech, American Elder, Devil’s Walking Stick, Pin Cherry, Red Bud, Dog Wood and some more I’m sure.
Last Saturday we drove to Strasburg, PA to experience train mania. For those of you who don’t have kids, Strasburg PA is to the Thomas The Tank Engineā„¢ lover as Belgium is to Beer lovers. We toured a train museum, several train toy stores, a couple scale model exhibits and most importantly got to ride an old coach and steam train! Good fun.