Ed in San Fran

We’re geeky, we’re stylish, we’re Apple Sys Admins and Developers. And we’re all in San Francisco this week.

The attendees from this year’s World Wide Developer’s Conference look like they are ready to go clubbing as much as write a perl script..from from the sys-admin from the days of old, the “Comic Book Store Guy” from the Simpsons. Best-login hook-ever.
During the day, I subsist on organically-grown Arabica and Odwalla juice to accompany my power bar and salad; at night it’s microbrews and tapas at the Thirsty Bear. And of course all of this (except for the evening fare) is free.
We’re under a non-disclosure agreement, so mostly I can’t speak about anything that’s not public knowledge, but it’s exciting that Apple transitioned its entire line of computers to Intel chips now, and has shown a sneak peak at Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) which Apple says will ship in Spring ’07.
Good stuff.