Great Room Wood Floors, Day Three (b)

We’ve got some real super troopers working on Hearthwood this week…

My mother is probably first and foremost the most valuable. If you made a Star Wars Poster out of this, she’d be Luke, wielding a light saber in front. She’s been around the entire time, from moving furniture, to staying well past her bedtime last night. Oofta.
My dad is the behind the scenes guy. Planed a whole heck of a lot of wood, risking falling asleep at the wheel as it were, doing a lot of this after pulling ten-hour shifts at the ER. Picture Chewbacca.
The Phillipsons: Kate and Kathy for switching off on planing/baby-sitting duty, juggling as effectively and artfully as cirque du soleil. Bob for edging boards, nailing boards, carrying boards. A lot to do with boards. Han Solo and Leia personified.
The dark horses so far: Greg (Shelly’s husband) for nailing the beejeezus out of those runs and powering through a few hours yesterday morning just for the heck of it, and hopefully not ruining his golf game with the occasional blister. Lando.
Justin and Holly for popping up out of nowhere (Justin needed to borrow the truck to transport a won riding lawnmower) and helping for several hours before (Justin) dinner and several after (both!) just to “keep from watching TV.” I don’t buy it:) C3PO and R2D2
Then Laura – also came over last night after dinner (Chinese food at my parents’) and helped. Amazing. Wicket, the Ewok.
We ended up finishing around 12:30 last night when I began to see wood grain in the kitchen tile. We have a couple more hours of work this morning on the main floor, then the hallway and closets. I’ll begin sanding this afternoon or this evening. Almost there…stay on target.