Great Room Wood Floors, Day One

Day One – going well. We have three boards down and a good plan for the room…

This morning, Jean, Lucas and Merrill went to National via a ride from Kathy. My mother made it out by 8am this morning, which is when we set to clearing the entire room, hallway and lower parts of the closets we plan on flooring.
By noon we had the room clear, and could break for lunch. Left-over Lamb Curry – YUM!
By 1ish, we were moving over all the planed wood and the cross-cut saw. By 2:30, we were nailing our first floorboard, and laying out the rest of the room. I had to break for a conference call at 4, and that lasted until dinner.
After dinner, my mother and I went to Home Depot to get nails, varnish, etc. I nailed down another two boards this evening. It’s a good start.
Lot’s of folks plan on helping out over the next few days – we really appreciate it.