Phillipson Clan

The entire Phillipson Clan is in town, as it was about that time and Robert is getting deployed soon. Kip, Kate, Zander and Zeke are down for the summer (Kip went back for work) as their house is being renovated. Robert, Robert, Amy and Ryanne are in from TX. The normal slew of local folks are around, and Uncle Charlie, Aunt Jeanie, Emily and Rudy came down as well. We’ve been having a blast…

First, there was the Warhurst’s 4th of July celebration. Excellent food and fun. The kids had a blast on the slide, moon bounce and trampoline. We adults enjoyed the volleyball, soccer and rock wall climbing. Oh, and we all enjoyed the crane swing. A huge storm blew down a really old tree during the afternoon – quite a surprise. Several other trees in the neighborhood got knocked down or split.
Next up: Scotch Night. What began as a half-baked idea of Justin and I getting together to taste some good scotch became eight people combining their resources to taste over a dozen top shelf scotches, complete with tasting notes (I still have to pick those up). Uncle Charlie from Connecticut, Uncle Larry, Bob, Justin, Kristin and her friend John, Robert, and myself. Awesome time.
The following day we had the Phillipson family picnic. Oh, but first we had to have lunch with Paul; Duke, Ann and Luke; Amy, Ava and Demetri; Justin, Holly and Emily, and Jean, me and our kids. Paul was on this side of the pond to keep his green card intact. Good time.
So, back to the picnic. I’d saved the Old Dominion Ale from the bonfire in a corny keg in my kegerator, so it was fridge-fresh. Bob and Uncle Larry manned the grill with dogs and burgers. All manner of desserts and side dishes abound. We had a spirited game of volley-ball in which Jean pulled her quad muscle and decided to sit the remainder out. The kids enjoyed running around, playing with wooden airplanes from the Air & Space Museum and picking wine berries. I made deep dark chocolate icecream with spearmint flavoring. Yum.
Sunday I sat out the festivities to plane wood while Robert manned a sailboat from Quantico with the family aboard for picnicing and fun.
Throughout the whole time, six kids at and below the age of five has been like a whirlwind. Pretty nuts, but always fun. I’ve won my share of crummy rummy games (one to be exact).
The TX clan is gone as of today, but Grammy K is stil around for a couple weeks and Kate and her kids are around for the summer. More wine-berry pies soon. Last nights was pretty nice.
Jean leaves for visiting Fiona Thursday, just when I embark on putting down the wood floor. Thanks to all who have volunteered to come over and snigger while I bend nails:)
More photos up this week…there are a lot.