You know that Winnie the Pooh story when the 100 acre wood was flooded? I feel like that’s the way this past week has gone…

This morning we found our driveway a little bit eroded (it runs over a culvert at the entrance) and the bridge after our driveway un-passable – too bad for the folks who didn’t leave their cars on our side. The pavement was cleanly lifted off the road and pushed against, and in most places over, the bamboo forest on the downstream side of the road. It had already been raining in two-hour increments, a couple times each day, so the creek was already up.
Fortunately I was able to get out of our driveway without bottoming out. More interesting stuff – a crayfish was making it’s way up our driveway, looking for better pools. It didn’t enjoy meeting the dogs, but neither did the dogs enjoy meeting it, so we moved on. Random cars left abandoned on either side of the previously flooded-out roads, leaves and branches in their undercarriages, suggesting their drivers had abandoned them mid-flood, or left them before the waters reached them. VDOT had decided to repave Fairfax Station Road, and also to add full gravel shoulders (some hundreds of tons of gravel) to make them less treacherous. Now we have nearly fully graveled roads in some places, making for a surprising speed bump if you’re not looking for it.
The weekend was full of fun too – Friday we hung out at Kathy and Bob’s, getting to see Aunt Jeanie while she was in town, and Grammie K, who is also staying for a couple weeks. Saturday we went to the Kid’s Fest in Clifton, braving the humidity and the obvious calamity that befalls any parent attempting to coerce a 2 1/2 year-old into participating in a controlled play activity. While we only spent about three hours their total (I came later, having gone to the dump in the morning, and so was less burdened), they were a worthwhile three. We subsequently lapsed into a nap in the afternoon. All of us:)
Later, we pawned the reluctant Lucas off onto my mother and father for baby-sitting while Jean, Merrill and I drove off towards the foreboding thunderheads over Ashburn and the Old Dominion Brewfest. As we arrived in the torrential downpour, carefree twenty-somethings in soaked body-fitting tees were making a mass exodus. Unhappy-looking fathers pushing double strollers with wives lashing the proverbial whip, driving their husbands onward, too were making for their family vehicles. As we slowed so as not to splash one party-goer with the puddle through which we were driving, he saw fit to jump in it himself and cover our car in muddy water. Nice.
It finally began to slow once we were parking, and with my brew-thirsty palette pressing me forth, we pushed Merrill to the entrance to add another “I paid bracelet” and to buy Pogs*, and then inside to the main tent to meet Mavora and Vince. Shelly and Greg, also at the Kids Fest that morning, would meet us later. We were appropriately attired in my S-E-X-X-Y rain hat and umbrellas, so we had no fear. Once we established a base of operations at the tent, Vince and I sortied to our first beer tent with significant others’ glasses as well as our own, and returned, our twin six-ounce glasses laden with brew, like a honeybee’s legs with pollen.
The rain let up for a good 20 minutes that night. It poured the rest of the time. I had a blast of course – who cares if it’s raining when you are tasting good brew in a dry tent with dry feet? Vince was not so lucky, getting caught for some time in the bathroom line with no umbrella. A while into the evening, it began to get pretty mucky in places, and almost a cross between a slip and slide and a good mud-wrestling match broke out. A bit risqué once the girls joined in.
All told, I managed to try:
• Charleston East Bay IPA
• Charleston Half Moon Hefeweizen
• Avery Old Jubilation
• Dog Fish Head 60 Minute IPA
• Hook N Ladder BackDraft Brown
• Flying Dog Pale Ale
• ? Weizen
• and some more I’ll try and dig up from my Palm OS “Beers” program into which I log this stuff.
I even managed to snag a pint glass from Dog Fish Head, and they had the good sense to fill it with Aprihop.
We arrived home with my dad’s car in the drive – I guess he’d been sent to put Lucas to bed. Dad said “Lucas said ‘no’ a lot.” He is a 2 1/2 year old after all. Must have been a rough evening, but at least they both survived:)
Sunday was a good time – Krissy moved from her old apartment to a new one, a couple miles down the road. As always, moving Krissy was a breeze – if she had a shipping invoice, it might have been more complete. A couple of trips later, we all sat down for some tasty chinese food. Oh, and it did rain during this as well. We shuttled furniture to and from the vehicles when it let up.
Later during the day, I went over to the Carl’s to complete their new Mac setup. They purchased an iMac (intel) on our advice and Brauna’s good experience with iMovie and iPhoto at our house and they are enjoying it. We even got Lou’s CAC reader working pretty well.
So, that brings us back to today…and more rain through the end of this week. At least the garden’s green.