Freecyle is awesome

In the past couple weeks we’ve scored a couple great items from freecycle ( For those of you who haven’t heard of it, think of it as a village goods swap. Perhaps in the old days, you’d get donated kids clothes and bicycles from more than just your relatives – your close neighbors too. Now, this online community is your close neighbors. Like Craig’s List, it’s geographically-oriented, so you won’t be driving too far out of your zip code, unless perhaps you’re in Texas where they are the size of a state 🙂 Unlike Craig’s list, these items are put up for whomever can come and pick them up…for free.

The first real item is a Black & Decker corded electric mower. Billed as “not working” but in good condition, I figured a trip to the service center would get it working for less than the retail cost ($240). Sure enough it only cost $80 to repair it so we scored a “green” mower for $80. Nice. The second item we picked up yesterday – a plastic kids playset that fits together like a puzzle so you can make several configurations. Slides, a tunnel, and several wall partitions. Lucas loves it.
My parents are off to the Dordogne region in France again – bicycling yuppie-style, with a boteil de vin and poulet waiting for lunch in a cafe in the valley somewhere each day.
My Aunt Julie, cousin Ronnie, and her kids Sam and Jackson came into town, but had to leave almost as they arrived because they had all come down with a nasty cold. They got to see the Natural History museum at least. Lucas loved running around the yard and playing with the kids.
Jean and I got to hang out with Amy, Demetri and Ava this past weekend. First a trip to Burke Lake Park for a ride on the train, and then back to their house for charcoal grilled burgers and veggie dogs and fresh corn. Good fair, good friends.
Lastly, Jean and I began to work the yard a bit. Our garden is sprouting, so Jean weeded and thinned the vegetables a bit, and I remulched our front path, and moved our rock walls to better delineate the lawn vs. flower garden. All in all a good couple weeks.
Merrill is coming up on 4 months. She makes the cutest squeaking noises sometimes, it’s almost hard to remember she’s saying she’s wet or something. We’re borrowing a “jumper” (a kind of seat attached to legs with springs) which she loves.
Coming up – our first summer bonfire. No evite just yet, but June 10 is the day, and June 17 is the rain date. Probably won’t be a home-brew for it unless the audience is small (10-15), but at the very least we’ll have a pony keg of Dominion Ale (not lager). It will be an evening thing, dinner is dogs and burgers or whatever you want to bring we’ll grill (please no packages of plain hb meat – no prep foods welcome) Also, hope to see some of you at the Old Dominion BrewFest ( which runs June 23 – 25. I think its $10 entry and $1/pog (which you exchange for a 6 oz. taste of beer). Something like up to 50 breweries from the Mid-Atlantic area. Nice.