Wood Floor, Garden

This weekend we made a good start on planing our wood floor and the garden…

I wrote a pretty extensive entry, but Fairfax County’s dang wifi access point dumped it after forgetting I was connected. I’m in jury selection today….more later.
Bob and Dad have purchased a snazzy planer. They say it’s to do our floor better and faster, in the same way I might purchase a nice new iMac to make it easier for Jean to email her friends. I’ll take the gesture at face value though, as there really is some good faith in it:)
If I were planing wood back in the day, I’d be wearing leggings and my descendants might work as docents at Colonial Williamsburg. I’d push a planer, a wooden block with a blade, along a wooden plank to level it out and make it as even as possible. If I were industrious, I’d plane a few boards a day. Excellent on the fore-amrms, killer on the back. Bring me a bucket of beer and bleed me.
These days, it’s much more efficient. The planer we’re using harkens back to shop class in middle school, making plexiglass useless items or pouring cast aluminum knick-knacks. It draws 220 volts of current, when I push the big green button. The pulleys drive a couple of crankshafts, one to grip the wood and another to cut. We push the boards through, taking 1/16th inch off per run, ending up with a 3/4″ smooth board. We can expect 5-10 boards an hour this way.
Bob and I cranked though about a dozen on Saturday morning.
Justin came over later with a hollow-core blank door that needed cutting down to fit in he and Holly’s townhouse basement door frame. They’ve just bought a single-family home, which should be really exciting. We cut the door down (I hope it fits!) in no time and immediately proceeded to sip scotch. A 17 year Bowmore, followed by a Glen Mornagie port cask. Brilliant stuff!
On Sunday I moved some white oak up to the garage, dad worked a miracle on the rototiller, getting it started, and then Jean and I took the kids to the Apple Store to demo an iMac to Lou and Brauna who are thinking of getting one. We all had lunch on level 3 at the food court and let the kids play in the romp-a-room area there. They had a blast.
Later, I poked around in the garden plot, removing debris while Dad back-dragged the entire thing to level it out. We pushed fence posts into the ground, laid poplar logs around the edge, and erected the silt fence remants Jean and I kept after construction. All in all, a pretty tidy weekend. Next: tilling and planting!