Green, Green, Green

Everything is growing and green. And that’s not all – Lucas is growing like a weed and Merrill is getting bigger every day…

It’s hard to believe there was a time without Merrill. I’m such a sucker for a daddy’s girl. She completely smiles and gives me eyes when I’m holding her in my lap.
This past weekend we celebrated Easter and Lucas got to eat an entire chocolate egg with (for?) breakfast. He was “on” for the rest of the day. Fiona visited from Dallas and got to witness the insanity, as well as hold the kids attention for a bit:) Krissy came over on Saturday and we all (Lucas too) colored eggs. The girls made quite the spectacle blowing out the insides of about half a dozen but we also hard boiled several.
Easter dinner was at the Phillipsons’. Good stuff. Bob had built a train table for his new HO scale train. Lucas was enthralled. We finished off the afternoon with Bocce, and Jean and Fiona even found the energy to play tennis that evening.
I managed to get the bar door completely built and installed, though I’ve not varnished anything yet. I plan on burning in some more designs on the door and backing when I get a chance.
We’ve set a hard date for beginning work on the wood floor: July 13. In the meantime, I’ll be helping my parents plane wood, building up enough stock to do the entire great room. I’d love to rip up the tile in the kitchen and do that as well, but I’m not sure we’ll have the stock or time.
The tree has a smidgen of oatmeal stout left, as well as an even dozen’s worth of Barley Wine that I couldn’t find bottle caps for. A trippel and Cassis (Currant) wheat are fermenting, and should be ready by mid May…