36 hours with no sleep makes a body insane

That’s what I’ve heard anyway. Does that count if the hours aren’t consecutive?

Or shared between husband and wife? I’m betting Jean and I have lost at least 18 hours sleep in the past week due to poopy diapers, Lucas’s desire to sleep in “that Cama” (our bed) as opposed to his crib, and the general melee that has become our household.
One convenient side effect is honestly not being able to remember whether or not I’ve fed the dogs that morning, ergo not even worrying that they’ve not eaten, or whether I’ve even had lunch myself that day. Or whether I’m driving home…or to work. I’m just driving, and realizing that my podcast has ended ten minutes ago and I’m listening to static on the radio, which is quite soothing.
I’ve begun drinking coffee before bed, as it will be easier to rouse myself to nightly duties when I’ve had some caffiene in my system.
Jean and I had a wonderful Valentine’s Day evening yesterday; Feeding Lucas, changing Merrill, phone support – the bulk of the evening (I’m on call this week), bathing Lucas, all punctuated with bits of dinner; stuffed chicken and goat cheese on slices of baguette, followed by an incredible dessert: chocolate chip muffin with chocolate dipped strawberries and banana slices with champagne.
I have new photos to upload. They’re somewhere, I swear it.