Peas Porridge in the Pot, Nine Days Old

Merrill’s now nine days old. Seems like old times with the three-hour in-the-middle-of-the-night feedings, the “I feel like she just ate” feeling but when you look at the clock it’s really been a couple hours…

Lucas certainly adds a new element to it all though. He is ever more curious about “baby” and is always asking to hold her – it’s incredibly sweet. He’s even gone to get her pacifier for her when she’s crying…

We went to the mall the other day, and it felt like 11pm rather than am. I didn’t really think we were sleep deprived until we walked into Target and I had no idea why we were there.

You really have to double and triple check yourself when you’re like that. Things like feeding the dogs – have I or haven’t I? Are they just wheedling their way into a second breakfast or am I being paranoid? Did I take a shower today? And, why the bleep is it 60 degrees in February? Not that I’m complaining, but is there a better way to screw around with my internal clock?

Earlier this week we (Jean, really) hosted playgroup. Playgroup, for you non-parent-types, is a kind of kid support group. “I have a child, and I’m proud to admit it.” Everybody hugs, and shares in the collective lack of sleep or, as the years progress, obsession in their children’s various accomplishments, or sicknesses:) (I think Lucas has the record for projectile vomiting)

This was great, as Jean had told me I could spend up to three hours getting the “low-hanging fruit” accomplished that I’d been control-freak-like jotting down on a sheet of paper for the past couple days. Things like “wire basement circuits” and “MPEG remaining CDs onto computer”. Kathy had offered her time to share as a grandmother to Merrill (what grandmother could resist) and also as a layman to hand me drill bits and things. I got an entire circuit finished and also our cat shelf put up. Phenomenal.

Yesterday we went on a “dry run” to the grocery with the thought in mind that I would be along for one of Jean’s daily errands as a non-participating observer to be able to assist in the event that something went wrong. It was a whole lot more fun than that, and I got some excellent chipotlé bourbon hot sauce as well.

Going back to work on Monday…this ought to be interesting.