Merrill is Born!!!

At 2:17am on the 26th of January 2006, Jean let out her second barbaric yawp….

and delivered Merrill Elizabeth Phillipson, an almost identically weighing baby to her older brother Lucas, at 7lbs & 6 oz (3350 grams).

We were watching The 40 Year-old Virgin from our Netflix queue when Jean began noticing her contractions were more regular and stronger. We waited it out until we could be pretty darn sure, me timing their duration and how far apart (what’s the word for that?) with my iPod. Bet you didn’t know it could do that. Me either until I was clamoring for a better stopwatch than the kitchen timer. Shows you where I turn to in times of crisis – my vice, computers:)

Kathy came over to stay with Lucas as soon as we called, and we were off to the hospital by 11:30pm. We basically ran in to the hospital and were admitted. They throw a lot of paperwork at you during all this, and of course Jean is having contractions so just waggling a pen near anything they push her way. Along with the waivers, we got a three-day vacation where they try to sell us time-shares in post-partem rooms in the Caribbean, and a $200 set of knives;) <wink>

Jean labored for about three hours after that, through the late show, late late show, and some half-hour wack named Carson Daly (Daily?). The new Apple intel commercial aired a few times. Good demographic.

Merrill finally showed her head (literally) and Jean beared down to beat the band. Jean expressed that Merrill’s head felt quite large, and as an afterthought, that her shoulders presented quite a surprise as well. Or so I figured from the associated screams.

After a bit of cleaning, they presented me with Merrill, and I made the subsequent hand-off to Jean a few minutes later. Merrill is quite the eater so far, establishing a latch somewhat akin to the space shuttle docking to the space station. (imagine quirky space sound effects; whooshing, hissing of airlock, clamping of docking hardware – 2001 music optional)

Lucas and I are going to visit Jean and Merrill in just a few minutes. Expect a flurry of photos later today.