Almost There…

No, she’s not here yet:)
And yes, Jean wishes she would go into labor as soon as possible. But alas, no.
It was incredibly nice yesterday, so while I was out passing a test, Jean took Lucas to the park to play. I also took him out later in the afternoon to play around Hearthwood. We poked sticks in the ashes at the firepit, jumped on log seats (also around the pit), threw the ball for Maruska, and ran around the yard. Good times.
Jean and I had the good fortune of having our good friend Christen begin finishing our master bathroom plumbing last week, and yesterday completed the sink installation. We also assembled the medicine cabinet and mounted it on the wall.
We’ll be sure to send out a photograph to you all when Merrill comes, as well as a link to Hearthwood, where I’ll post all the photographs.