Wow! It’s made of Lego!

On Monday we toured Lego Land and had a grand time of it. Not 15 minutes from Kim & Paul’s house, the park was quite empty on a weekday, so we toured around the park multiple times.
Lucas especially loved the train ride, which did a sort of lego-safari around the park where we saw lego zebras and other wildlife…

We enjoyed a decent lunch, which Lucas mostly ignored (“Ed soured him on the fish…”) and also had an excellent afternoon snack of coffee and sweets. I had the caramel ice-cream.
Lucas decided to take a nearly three hour nap at one point, which left us to tour the sites and say “Lucas would love that!”, all the while hoping he would wake up before we had to leave. He did finally wake up of course, allowing us to go on a balloon ride of sorts, the safari train ride, and see miniland. Miniland is a collection of locale-oriented exhibits like Wembley Stadium, Denmark, Loch Ness and many others, re-created in stunning detail with little placards detailing a snippet about the place in question. Very cool.
We finished up the day with a cinnabon dessert (one for the bun in the oven as well) and stopped at the Old Hatchet Pub on the way home for a spot of food for Keira and a drink for the older folks. I enjoyed a pint of Chisholm something-or-other, which the barmaid claimed to have a hoppy finish. It mostly tasted like anoher English Ale to me, which was fine.
The following morning Kim loaded us up, all packed and ready to go to Birmingham. She dropped us by Windsor Castle, where Jean, Lucas and I toured the whole of it, expedited somewhat by his propensity to shout to hear the sound of his voice in vaulted-ceiling areas with excellent acoustics.
We met Kim for lunch, and joined by Paul, ate a speedy sandwich and crisp combination. Lucas played on a Thomas the train ride before we boarded for Paddington. The train ride was one changeover after the next, finishing with a premature termination at Birmingham Int’l due to some kids throwing “obstructions on the tracks and causing damage to the train ahead of us”, which the rail folks had initially thought may be a fatality. Fortunately not, but we did end up getting into Birmingham an hour late to meet Busby. On to Birmingham….