Windsor, Kim & Paul, and P-Harmion

This morning we woke at the buzzer and cruised out of London on the 10:25 to Windsor, where Kim & Paul graciously picked us up to show us around town.
Paul works at Pharmion, right beside the station, which Jean creatively called “P-Harmion before realizing the “ph” sound involved in the name.
We walked to a playground, for the requisite kid-stop, where Lucas was able to run around and play on the slides and swings while Keira hung out in the stroller…

We walked over to the Royal Oak for a decent pub lunch afterwards, where we had fish & chips (Jean) and I had Red Curry (chicken). I enjoyed the local beer fair with Paul, having first a 6X strong ale and then a Courage Directors Ale.
Lucas passed out in the stroller and we drove to the Royal Farm Market on the way back to Kim and Paul’s (most generously letting us stay at their house for a day or two), picking up some fresh vegetables along with some Royal Farm-made ale, (Dark and Golden) the former which I’m enjoying now.
Lucas saw the computer desk (on which I’m writing) and went right for it, proving he is a “p-hillipson.” šŸ™‚
Tomorrow we’ll tour Lego Land and who knows what else. Jean does, but I’m just along for the ride:)