Hearthwood – Back Online

Sorry all. The new host didn’t work out…couldn’t install my Movable Type Blog perl-backend stuff. Anyhow…moving on.
Jean and I are having a girl! We found out last week that we are most likely (sonograms are only so reliable) that we’re having a girl and are due January 25th 2006, just one day before my birthday. Long live Aquarius!

We’ve been super busy lately, what with leaving for England on Wednesday. Last weekend, we caulked the majority of the siding gaps on the dome, and I’ve continued brewing at a commendable pace. My “fire-breathing stout” is in the fermenter, and now both an IPA and Hefeweizen occupy my kegs in the tree.
Mavora moved in (for however a brief stay) to Lucas’s room, and signed on a rental last week, so sadly she departs probably shortly after we return from England.
This past weekend was a major social extravaganza. Saturday morning we pushed off to Maralyn and Bob’s in Leesburg, to set up Maralyn’s new iMac G5. Unfortunately we mixed things up a bit:) I had ordered it and had it shipped to her house, presuming it to arrive Friday (when it in fact had only shipped on Friday). She had assumed I was bringing it with me. We arrived, and both looked at eachother with expectancy. We had a good lunch however, and endeavored to set it up this evening when it should indeed be there.
Saturday evening, Jean and I drove over to my parents’, now childless nest, to have dinner with Kathy and Bob and mom and dad. Great dinner, tender “home-made” steaks, etc. Chocolate pie….
Sunday, having the simple life-style of Maralyn and Bob fresh in our minds, we descended to the basement to “purge” and atone for our “bins” – bins of books and junk that is. You could say we were seeking “A-tome-ment” – ha ha. Any way, we cleared out some dozen or more boxes and consolidated quite a bit, covering perhaps half our stuff. We were able to load up K&B’s little toy truck with our excess things and attempt donation at the local thrift shop, which quickly refused most of it. Jean will try at the salvation army later today I think.
Later, we took the evening off and had an incredible dinner at the Preet Palace, in Centreville (next to Fast Eddie’s), a hidden gem until now. Excellent indian food, punjabi style.
So we prepare for England and the clammy weather that awaits. I endeavor not to look too much like a tourist:)