A Domish Fourth

We’re enjoying our three-day weekend for Independence Day this year. Last evening, Mavora drove up from Richmond, and today Krissy and Vince joined us. We started off our day with the good ‘ol fashioned American breakfast of Dunkin’ Donuts, and followed up by hanging about the house and making busy.
Jean and friends sorted baby/maternity clothes (think nine large tupperware containers of mostly donated clothes) and I drove off to Microcenter (local computer superstore) with Lucas in tow to find a new hard drive for Mavora’s family’s iMac DVSE (circa 2000).

This afternoon we walked over to my parents’ to swim, and were joined by Kip, Kate, Alexander and Zeke, all in town for the weekend.
This evening we cooked burgers, veggie dogs, and ToFerky Brats over Jack Daniels charcoal on Mav’s loaned-to-me grill. Using Citronella lighter fluid as ignition. Yum.
Tomorrow we’ll have a pancake brunch and a crab-fest in the afternoon…we finally kicked the cherry wheat keg, so we’ll snag the Old Dominion sitting in my parents’ fridge for refreshment…