Master Bath – Cut first, ask questions later

You know when you just want to kick yourself for something dumb? I did something like that tonight. Fortunately, there’s always gorilla glue…
We’ve just recently tiled our master bath, along with a run of nice slate tiles along the entrance. Unfortunately, just that much too high to let the door open.
So, being the handy young home-owner that I am, I decided I could saw off the bottom of the door with a trusty skill saw. So I did. Only when I put the door back up to the frame, I noticed the hinges didn’t look right. Yep, I’d sawn off 1/4″ of the top, not the bottom.
Infuriating, but no biggie, I’ll just saw the bottom off now. I flipped it over…and found two small plastic nubs on the bottom which I could simply pry off with pliers. I never needed to cut it off in the first place.
Oh well, like I said, there’s always gorilla glue:)