Ed finally catches up

Ok, so as everyone has noticed, it’s been entirely too long since I’ve updated Hearthwood. My devoted following (Holly) has berated me for my wayward actions, so I’m back again.
Last fall was a whirlwind of catching up and also attempting to get a handle on actually running a household, something we hadn’t done in four years! Winter came quickly, but wasn’t that harsh, good for our sake.
We had our annual solstice party, and were blessed with having good friends and family over to celebrate the lengthening of the days…and most importantly, I finished my bar. Two taps sprouting from the trunk of the cherry tree like fountains o’ plenty!

Lucas had his first birthday in November, and began using sign language, which Jean had been diligently teaching him (even now). And by “using sign language”, I mean “asking for more”. He uses the “more” sign for everything from “I want water” to “I see that you’re having a clandestine sneak into the cookie jar. May I please have one too?”
Christmas and New Year’s came and went, our tree up and down at the socially acceptable times. We only just now uncovered our chili pepper lights, so we’ll use those next year.
Our deck installation continued to be delayed.
January rolled around and with it a string of Acquarian birthdays, mine included. I haven’t rolled the big three-oh yet, but I’m close.
BiLaw finally began-and finished our deck. It’s brilliant! We grilled out bratwurst the first night.
We began tiling the master bath, and have recently begun to grout it.
Lucas began taking his first steps, and is now toddling around quite happily.
We just got satellite internet. Not screamingly fast, but definitely better than dialup.
We’ve had some good weather recently, and I hope that means spring is coming soon.
Hearthwood is a good place to be:)