Fall Festival Weekend

This past week we’ve had super weather-60’s and 70’s, crisp autumn breezes and sunshine! We took advantage of that and went to Sugarloaf Craft Festival up in Gaithersburg on Saturday. We could have spent the whole day there, but would have spent a fortune if we did.
We found one particular artisan, whom we expected to be there. This couple makes wrought iron housewares, from toilet paper holders to pan hangers that you hang above your stove. We picked up a beautiful fire poker, all viny and leafy. We also picked up a hook from which to hang it, as we can’t have it at floor leel with Lucas crawling around.

On Sunday we drove to Clifton and parked a little outside of town in one of the $5 lots for charity. We pushed Lucas in his stroller, through the woods on a mowed path and into Clifton for the Clifton Day celebration. It’s much smaller than Sugar Loaf of course, but was still fun. We saw Joel and Irene, Jean’s parents, and also saw Eric and Kathleen, and their cousin Tom. They picked up a wonderful old kitchen cabinet chest for a couple hundred.
Later in the afternoon we chopped more wood and Krissy came over to help out (mostly by watching Lucas). In the evening we made pizza and I worked on the bar more. I’ll bring in the Cherry tree next weekend and prep it for the house…