Fall is Here!!!

This past weekend was a shining example of fall in the DC area. While it was somewhat cloudy after the rain on Saturday, it was still a fine day. And on Sunday, it was crisp in the morning and sunny all day long, getting up in the 70’s during the afternoon. The Sycamore trees are the first to turn here at Hearthwood, showing gold across the valley.

On Saturday we decided to do some things inside, so I began constructing our bar. It’s just a simple frame right now, made from the poplar we harvested a few years ago. When it’s done, it will have an oak plank surface, some foot rails, and spruce planking on the sides. And don’t forget the tap sprouting from the cherry tree…
On Sunday we began chopping the wood that NOVEC took down to clear for the electric line. It sure takes a long time to go through hardwood…The chain on the saw got dull before we got too far. We borrowed my parents’ tractor and the hydraulic splitter.
Lucas (for those interested) is now crawling up stairs and so “with it” that we love every moment. Except when he’s so with it he won’t go to sleep at night:) Pretty soon he’ll be walking and running around. We love the little guy.
My Haystack Porter (the beer in the small soda keg at Dome Stock) was a great success- and I was smart enough to bottle 12 before kegging. So we’re slowly sipping that until my Cherry Stout is ready in a couple weeks. We’re going to keg that to have on tap for the season to come.