Sweep, Sweep, Sweep Senora!

This past Friday, Steve Schaible drove out to Hearthwood to help Jeano clean the dome. That was a good start to our very productive weekend.
If we hadn’t caught you up recently, we’re pushing for a final inspection to get our RUP (residential use permit) later this week, for a hopeful move-in of this next weekend. We don’t really expect to pass the first time, so it’s more likely we’ll move in the following week, but it can’t hurt to hope can it?
Anyway, Saturday Barry and Monica Bocaner came out to help clean and set up our phone closet. Barry is a computer and networking guru, so it was small potoatoes to help install the box, punch-down panel and instruct me on how to wire my data and voice jacks. He even had a lineman’s tone generator! Monica swept and vacuumed with Jean, getting the upstairs relatively clean.

As they were leaving, Barry showed me the nifty bluetooth module they got for their new Bimmer wagon (fresh from Munich) which integrates his phone into the car. Sweet.
I cleaned up some more that day, and attempted getting the range hood installed, but that’s more of a two-person job, so was unsuccessful.
On Sunday, Jean and I installed the range hood first thing. That was a bear.
Immediately afterward, Jean cleaned and installed the baby gate, while I continued installing outlet covers, light-switch covers, and wiring data jacks.
Later in the day, Holly, Justin and Emmy came over to help out, which was wonderful! Holly and Emmy helped to scrape off plaster bits from the stairs and floor, while Justin helped to move trash to the truck and install more cover plates.
We’re really hoping to be ready for this week. Our phone service goes in today, and gas tomorrow. Simpson also comes out to install the venting for the water heater tomorrow.