Nearly There

Ok, I’m a complete slacker. I’m nabbing nearly all of my content from Jean’s HH, but it’s sooo good, how can I resist? Anyway, we’re not yet in the house, but we’re shooting to get inspected by the end of this month. Here we go:
“Well folks, we are really getting down to the wire. i know i’ve been saying that for months now, so it seems i’m crying wolf, but now i mean it.Last week, Ed borrowed a projector from work and I projected some cool dinosaur coloring book pages onto his wall and then joined them together. It took me Wednesday through saturday, but I finished painting the mural in his room. Grandma Jo was an indispensable help. Not only did she come out everyday to help paint, but she really knows about colors and shading and general painting stuff – of which i was clueless, having never painted before. So in my humble opinion, i think the mural looks great! Ed’s sister Rebecca and my sister Kate also painted some dinos. (see the photo on the top bar or under “Lucas”)

Apart from painting, we got more light fixtures up and built the fence do-hickey that goes across the sliding glass door to the non-existant deck so no one falls to their doom. Earlier in the week, my dad spent a few days out at Hearthwood and finished putting in a railing on the basement stairs, as well as a grippable rail for the front porch stairs and the top of the basement stairs.
Sunday, both Meghan and my dad came out. It was great. Meghan painted the last little bit in our bedroom and helped clean. (That is really the major thing that is left now – cleaning up from months and months of construction) my dad put in our towel rack for the bathroom, and then spent hours installing our microwave. it took hours to install because, like everything at Hearthwood, it was a custom fit. the hole in our cabinet was too narrow and too tall for the microwave that we bought SPECIFICALLY because it would fit the dimensions of the hole. who know how these things happen despite our best intentions. So, with Meghan helping him, he cut out the edges of the cabinet and built a plywood shelf for it to rest on and installed it. and guess what. We can cook! it works! more civilization comes to the boonies! oh yes, i haven’t mentioned it because it’s been awhile, but our water was approved as was our final grading! so we are through the health department! the only red tape left is fairfax county’s residential use permit.
By far the most exciting thing over the weekend though was electric. My mother had asked her friend Donny Nelson, who is an electrician to come out and help us. And he was incredible. As super friendly guy, he was also a great electrician and OUR KITCHEN LIGHTS WORK. Yup. pretty cool. he helped Ed with the kitchen lights, and then stayed to help out with the basement stairwell lights and a few other things. very cool.
If it were not for sub-contractors, i would call for the inspection today. However, we are still waiting on a couple of things. The HVAC guys still have to vent our hot water heater for us. They also still need to do the other registers for the AC, but since there are at least 2 working, we actually have had the AC on and running the last week and a half. woo hoo! so it is also nice a fresh inside instead of working in sweltering heat and humidity. Anyway, the HVAC people need to vent the water heater by next wednesday, because that’s the soonest the propane people were able to come out and fill our tank. Monday, the telephone company is coming out and we are getting a phone line! no more crappy cell phone reception. incredible. Our new phone number will be 703-815-2782. But I’ll send that out later as well. The propane is the last of it though. With hot water, we will have everything we need to live in the house.
This weekend, then, we really need to clean up. Desperately. Not only do we have saw dust and random pieces of lumber laying around the main floor, but we have to get spackle off the bath tubs and then pick up the basement. That is the scariest part, picking up the basement. it is a true disaster area, seeing as how it was the storage space for any pieces of leftover construction supplies, the “return to Home Depot” pile, etc etc. but I think we’ll have trouble convincing the inspector to allow us to live there when it looks unlivable. But hey – with cleaning up the only main thing left to do, we are in good shape, eh? As i’ve said many times, there may still be stuff the inspector will find that we need to do, but let’s keep our fingers crossed he doesn’t!
Ed and i worked at Hearthwood a bit last night, too. He hooked up Lucas’s fan/light and our bedroom fan/light. I hooked up the washing machine and even ran the first wash (which you are supposed to do with no clothes in it) Lucas was enthralled with watching it – it is a front loader – and I have a feeling that many hours will be spent watching the clothes spin around. and around. and around. fascinating stuff. the dryer of course, can’t work until we get the propane hooked up.
So here we are, on the cusp of freedom. ahhhhh… if you get the spring clean urge, we’ll see you this weekend. otherwise, enjoy a fabulous summer weekend and keep your fingers crossed for the inspection next week. I may not write the Herald until late next week, so i’ll be able to say whether or not we passed the RUP. ”
(end Jean’s commentary)