Light Fixtures, Stair Railing, More Siding

This past weekend I took Friday off in order to work on Hearthwood, making it a wonderful 3-day weekend! The weather was nearly perfect the whole time.
On Friday Bob began the railing on the landing while Jean and I continued wiring outlets and lights.

On Saturday Kate, Kip, Zeke and Xander came into town around noon and went straight to work on Hearthwood! Talk about building some serious karma. They just might be moving into the area, so I think we’ll be it off soon.
Kip and Bob continued working on the railing, making entertaining background noise as Jean and I worked on lights.
Kip also continued painting our bedroom in between being needed for railing. Kate took over painting and continued that on Sunday.
On Sunday, much to Jean’s frustration, we rewired the stair sconces and great room sconces. This was due largely to my hobbyist’s knowledge of electricity. Jean doesn’t have much patience for backtracking.
My mother helped out by wiring some outlets all around the house.
After a wonderful lunch of hot dogs and veggie dogs, Jean and Kathy and I worked on more siding.
I have the day off today and will be working more on electric outlets and fixtures today.
This weekend we’ll hopefully finish the siding and perhaps the electric outlets.