Cabinets Completely Installed

I took the day off on Wednesday to work at Hearthwood.
In the morning, Jean drove over with Lucas, while I went to Home Depot for supplies. I needed some 8-2 wire, a 60 amp cutoff box and a 40-amp, 240 volt circuit breaker, all for the AC unit outside. I also picked up some 2×4’s for constructing the island around the oven and double-sided cabinet unit.

I got to Hearthwood and noticed the difference immediately: Larry Warhurst really did an excellent job on the landscaping. I installed the cutoff box, ran the wire and installed the circuit breaker. Kathy picked up some wire clamps I needed at Home Depot and brought them a little bit later. You always have to go back for something.
Jean had gone to the grocery in the morning and brought sodas, water and beer to christen our ‘fridge, not to mention some stuff for our pantry. Do you get the feeling we’re eager to move in?
By the time I was done with the AC unit, Bob had arrived to help install the remaining cabinets. We blew through six units, installing them in a couple hours. That included making some custom (nothing new here:) ) cuts to the sink unit to get it to fit our sink.
The last unit was the double-sided unit to sit beside the oven. We measured and secured the unit in place. By 4pm, Bob had to leave, and Jean and I continued to work. We then began fabricating the extension to the island, which will be a combination bookshelf/sink unit for our prep sink. We put up the bare bones necessity of a unit, just so we’ll now be able to effectively measure countertop length. We’re thinking of going with Corian…