Cabinets Hung, Looking More Like a Home..

This past week has been thrilling!
Jean installed our vinyl tile flooring in the laundry room on Thursday and I took Friday off to work on the house. Jean painted the remainder of the cumulus in the dome while I completed wiring the circuit breakers in the panel box.
I then began chipping and scraping drywall putty from the outlet boxes around the kitchen.
Shortly thereafter, I installed our first permanent outlet to the refrigerator circuit – and it worked! I installed another half a dozen outlets, making the kitchen begin to look like what it will be.

Later in the day, Bob helped us haul our refrigerator over to the dome and plug it in – it worked too! It was actually the first time we’d plugged it in since getting it at the auction…
We also took some upper kitchen cabinets from my parents’ barn to the dome.
The fridge door was reversed from the way we need it, so we began disassembling it to reverse it. We lacked the necessary tools to complete the job, so called it a day. We headed to Home Depot to get the necessary supplies for hanging the cabinets and got a welcome mat on which to wipe our muddy feet at the front door.
Saturday I took off from Hearthwood to attend the Spirit of Free Beer HomeBrew competition at Old Dominion Brewery. A guy’s got to have priorities:)
Sunday, Jean and I (and Lucas of course) finished the fridge door. Bob and Kathy helped to bring over all the remaining cabinets from the barn.
Then, much to Bob’s dismay, we played “what if” with the cabinets (both upper and lower) for about an hour. Once we finally nailed down the placement, Bob and I began hanging the cabinets. Now it was REALLY beginning to look finished!
Justin and Holly (and Emmy and Caleb) stopped by in the afternoon to see some wildlife (my parents’ cows:) ) and help move appliances from the basement. Justin, Bob, Jean, Kathy and me all struggled to move the oven upstairs. Justin, Jean and I then moved the washer, dryer, and dishwasher all upstairs.
After that, Justin and I brought up our Kohler pedestal sink for the first floor and the toilet for the master bath.
We basically all called it a day after that. Our kitchen really looks almost livable now.
Monday was not without its excitement either. Jean began her day pondering going to Bull Run to think about stair railing and attending Mothers First (an awesome group for mothers and young ones) when she got a call from Bob Warhurst. He had generously volunteered Larry W. to re-landscape our lot (where needed) to meet the county inspector’s requirements, and since it was supposed to rain Tuesday, he would do it then – right then!
Among other things, Jean was on the phone half the day with one sub or another, the appraiser, her mom, Bob Warhurst, etc. The other half was feeding Lucas, directing Larry (who used the Bobcat like an extension of his hand we might add), and well, that’s really all she had time for. It’s amazing how time slips away. Our lot is now perfectly sculpted and hopefully should meet county approval.
Today I left super early (5ish) so I can’t remember what Jean is up to, but it’s something similar. Tomorrow I’m taking the day off to help her install the remaining cabinets so as to have the countertop folks give us an estimate for laminate, corian, and maybe something else. Whew!
We hope to work on the porch, siding, and probably electric outlets and lights this coming weekend. Hope to see you there!