Dome Painted!

Painting with precision takes a lot longer than with primer.
This past weekend we accomplished a significant bit of painting, but that certainly wasn’t the only day we worked on the dome. Jean and her parents have been painting since last Thursday…and Jean is still painting. Not actively, mind you, but she gets over to the dome for a couple hours at a time during her day this week.

We only have a few more hours to go and we’ll be done!
On Saturday, we began painting cumulus (a cool white) and moss landing (a very mossy green) in the main dome area.
Not only were Kathy and Bob out, but Josh came out to help tile our bathroom (since Friday) and Michelina to paint.
Bob and Josh spent the entire weekend (we dubbed them the “Tileros”) doing an excellent job on our bathroom shower and floor.

To finish the day, we put the second coat of “Citrus Burst”, a vibrant orange, in the kitchen. It looks excellent.
On Sunday Krissy came out to help paint as well. It went mostly the same as Saturday (paint, paint, brush brush) and we nearly finished!
This next weekend, we’ll begin moving in kitchen cabinets and appliances, so we’ll need many hands to make light work!