Primed for Action!

Incredible. We were hoping to get the dome primed in the entire 3-day Memorial Day weekend. We managed to get it done in one day.
Given that Jean and her parents painted some this past week, we still managed quite a feat.

On Saturday, Jean and I went to town with our power rollers. Bob and Fiona tackled ceilings and edge work. These power rollers are really cool. Hooked up to a one-gallon paint can they are really quite portable. There is a little button on the handle you push to pump more paint up through the tube, into the handle and into the roller. No drips, no bending over to roll in the pan, no refills (until you run through the gallon).
Bob rolled ALL the ceilings on the first floor (except Kathy helped in the afternoon on the kitchen ceiling) and Fiona did all the grunt work of edging all the corners with a brush.
We “powered” (ha ha) through the day and Jean and I finished the job up, Kathy and Bob and Fiona having taken Lucas home to watch him for us.
The rest of the weekend was cake. For the next two days, Bob, Kathy, Mom and Dad and I worked on siding and the front porch. Jean and Fiona got us supplies from Home Depot quite graciously.
Jean and I took the afternoon off on Monday to see a movie and relax. It’s been tough.
This next weekend we are painting colors! So get your creative oomph out and come put some vibrant orange in the kitchen, brilliant blue in our bedroom and cool white in the dome! RSVP and we’ll provide lunch!!! Come early enough and we’ll get donuts and coffee!

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  1. Wow!! It looks like a real house! We might just have to come down and see it – perhaps to help y’all move in….
    Love –

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