We’ve Started Priming!

Jean and her parents got the kitchen and the main floor bedroom painted with primer today, but it’s going to take us the weekend to finish painting everything we’re realizing.
The good news is that she spoke with the foreman, and he guarantees us they can do the final sanding next week during the week so there is a 99.99% chance we will be painting the colors on next weekend, the 5th and 6th of June. (June already!!! no!!!)
Anyway, if you are staying in town for the holidays, drop on by and paint some primer and if not, we’ll see you next weekend to paint some fun colors! woo hoo! Fiona is even flying 3,000 cross country just to help us paint primer this weekend. Well, ok, also to see Lucas, us and her parents, but really to paint primer! 🙂 So you can also come out and (while sweltering in our humidity) hear tales of the gorgeous, mythological place where there is an ocean, with surfing waves, and dry heat….. a place called……… Cullyfornya.
(from Jean’s Hearthwood update today)