Front Porch up, More Siding Done!

We put nearly two weekends of work into this past one!
We managed not only to get almost three walls of siding done, but put up the front porch as well!
Saturday morning began as a hot and sultry morning, but not a cloud in sight. Hopefully we wouldn’t get any thunderstorms until the evening…

Bob was first to get on site; Jean, Lucas and I followed within a few minutes. The finishieros were hard at work inside, mudding the finishing tape they had installed previously. The dome is really looking excellent now. They will be back on Monday to begin sanding. That means we should be priming by this next weekend! In fact, Jean means to rent a paint sprayer and attempt starting the job this week as soon as it’s possible.
We started off doing siding in the front of the house, on the short wall between Lucas’s bedroom and the front door. By 9:00am that wall is directly in the sunshine. We were hoping to finish it up and get started on the tall wall where the sliding glass door and basement door are pretty soon, so as to work in the shade for a while.
We got through the short wall in about an hour or two. By the time we were done and moved around back, we had no more shade! Kathy joined us in the afternoon after her Master Gardener’s event. The rest of Saturday was more work in the sun, multiple applcations of sun block, and lots of water.
Sunday, we got out on site a little earlier and were able to work in the shade most of the morning. My dad joined us and volunteered to construct the front porch deck and stairs. He even went out to Home Depot to get the remaining materials we needed.
Bob, Jean, Kathy and I worked all day on siding, most of it in the grueling sun. Bob worked his mastery with the siding cutters and Jean and Kathy switched off with Lucas-sitting and helping me on the scaffolding.
Dad went back home for lunch and brought back cold coffee slurpees and a blender. Kathy fired up the grill in the basement and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs.
My mother even showed up in the afternoon with cold chocolate popsicles and helped out for a few hours.
When we finished with siding the rear wall, Jean and Lucas and I moved out front to help with the front porch. Dad and Kathy had been working on it for a few minutes, and Kathy and Bob needed to go home.
Dad had cut the stringers already, the majority of the work, and we nailed them up. He then cut the treads and I nailed them in place.
The Finishieros should be done with sanding this week, enabling us to prime the drywall this next weekend.

Now we only have 1 & 1/2 short walls, two tall walls and a dormer to side!
Monday evening I went over and installed all but a few of the circuit breakers in our box.

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  1. Good to hear from you guys. We’ll be sure to keep the photos of Lucas coming:)
    -Ed & Jean

  2. I like the photo of Lucas best. Sure wish I could see my G_Grandson. The building is coming along nicely and I am sure you are anxious to be able to move in.Love, Jack & Betty

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