Drywall Up!

What an incredible weekend! I took Friday off and was hoping to get some circuit breakers wired or some other one-person task, but it ended up that I was quite essential that day.
The drywall crew had already begun work the day before and was hard at work by the time I arrived around 9:00.
My main goal Friday was to plumb the drain for our jacuzzi tub, and put in the framing pieces necessary to make drywalling easier.

Little did I know I would be doing that ten times as much framing!
Jean and I went to Hearthwood around 9:00am and then to Home Depot to pick up some PVC pipe and 2×4’s. She dropped me off then, and my mother helped me plumb our Jacuzzi tub through the kitchen ceiling, so the drywallers could cover it.
I moved immediately into the framing, feeling somewhat like I was laying tracks as a steam locomotive came barreling along behind me.
It turned out that we needed to frame around ducts about which we completely forgot, closet ceilings, etc.
So I not only had to do the three spots of framing they had pointed out earlier, but also used up a dozen or more 2×4’s in every closet, hallway and other small room on the first and second floors. I raced around like mad to get wood up where we needed it. “Senor, Senor, we need a piece here! Pow, Pow, Pow!”
We left early for dinner with Chris and Michelle at the Lost Dog Cafe in Arlington. I love their food.
Saturday morning I got there at 6:45am to get a head start on the rest of the framing. The crew was due to arrive at 8:00. They got there at 7:00. I was a bit haggard.
Jean brought doughnuts from Dunkin’ and a couple coffees too and got there around 10am or so. I took a break and then charged back in. Oscar and his crew were incredible workers and get a great job. We took a lunch break around 2ish back at the Phillipsons and then I came back to work on the second stove pipe. The “finishieros” had already begun work on taping and mudding the joints!
I only took it up a few lengths and capped it off. I’ll get to the full length later, when I have time to climb on the roof and screw in the support arms.
On Sunday, I went to Home Depot to buy some more 2×4’s, and then came to Hearthwood to build our bookcase cubby and reading cove in the master bedroom.
Jean and Lucas showed up with bratwurst, bread and cookies for dessert around noon. We grilled out the bratwurst and toasted the bread.
Kathy and Bob came out in the afternoon to help out with whatever they could. We ended up making some adjustments to the drywall in the first floor bath, and I finished out the edges of the bookcase cubby with drywall in our bedroom.
My dad showed up a little while later, but unfortunately we were in our cleaning up stages – he helped out anyway though. Bob and I finished putting the siding on our bedroom dormer.
Next weekend, we REALLY need to get some siding done. Come out and see the dome! We will also need folks who can wield a brush or roller soon. No skill necessary, this is only primer. You don’t even really have to worry about the floors, ’cause it’s only plywood and will be covered eventually. PLEASE COME OUT, PLEEEASE! Thanks:)