Drywall, et al

I’ve been awfully slack this week and haven’t updated Hearthwood; not even after last weekend.
On Saturday, Jean, Lucas and my mother all helped to finish the siding on the wall with our bedroom dormer and Lucas’s bedroom, a full height wall.
Jean and Lucas went out to get us a wonderful KFC lunch, which promptly put us into a food coma. You know the state. You’re wonderfully drowsy, but shouldn’t be because you need to do something productive.

After lunch, Jean and Lucas needed to go home, as Lucas was being pretty needy. Jean has a word for it in Spanish. Mamites (MOM-EE-TEESE) or something like that. Mom-itis in other words:)
Mom and I finished out the full height wall, but didn’t make it to the dormer. Another day. At least we got all done for which we needed the scaffolding on that side.
On Sunday Bob was able to come out and help, along with Jean and Lucas. We finished stapling up the plastic strips, ran our data and phone wiring, stuffed in spare pieces of insulation, installed the dryer vent, and much more. I can’t remember it all though. It’s a blur now.
This past week has been rather interesting too. Our conservation easement for the rear lot, something that’s been lingering for some seven months, finally got recorded. That would have been the only thing stopping us from getting a RUP, all other things having gone past.
Jean fit the dryer vent pipes together one day this week. I went out with Bob and pulled the tub we had installed on the first floor. Jean has been diligently trying to get anyone to be able to fix the hairline fracture on the bottom. Noone, not even the Kohler-authorized repairman, could guarantee the repair and said it would leak. So we had to pull it out.
Fortunately we’d already bought a tub for the basement, and put that in. Jean and her dad did that today. The plumbers will redo the piping, and on Sunday I’ll frame around the ceiling of the tub, hopefully making something interesting that works.
I’m working for my company this Saturday (8 May), so won’t be on site, though perhaps Bob and Jean may be. On Sunday, we hope to get some more siding put up, as our dry-wallers will have begun by then and we would be in the way inside.