Broken Windows Replaced

We had a repair fellow install our new window panes this morning. It only took an hour! Very professional.
If you didn’t hear the story, I happen to be clumsy. I broke the first story one while bellying in the triple unit in installation, and I broke the basement one when hammering in the first (!) nail.
Jean swept the insulation remnants from the loft and straightened a bit. Last night we took down the black plastic strips and replaced them with somewhat transparent strips. We still have an evening or two’s worth of work there.
She also bought our paint and dryer vent and pipe, which we took over last night.
Rising Sun was out working on our drainfield more today. We have at least 5 runs (probably more by now) done.
Jean and all saw our friend the black snake. He’s about 4 feet long and likes to hang around our dome. A sure sign of no rodents now.