Insulation Started..and Finished!

Absolutely incredible. Thanks to everyones’ help this weekend, we completely insulated the first and second floors and are ready for our insulation inspection today!
We still need to insulate the basement, but that’s only before we move in, since we’re not finishing the basement and aren’t putting drywall up there.

Friday afternoon, Jean and Bob bought insulation from Bull Run Building Supply and unloaded it at Hearthwood.
Saturday morning, I got on-site around 6:45 to finish running speaker wire and coaxial wire. That done, I measured each the hexagon and pentagon triangles and transferred those measurements to the floor of the master bedroom so as to be able to measure and cut each run in the triangles better.
Around 9:00, Jean arrived on site, and then my Dad and Angie some time later. Even Marsha came out too, treating Poncho to a few hours at Hearthwood. We traded off in tag teams, sometimes two and three of us working at a time.
We made decent progress throughout the day, (and it was a beautiful day at that) and got about 18 triangles done by the afternoon. (We’d started at the top of the dome) Then in the afternoon, Mike and his Air Soft-playing buddies were gracious enough to help out for about 45 minutes and got another 4 1/2 triangles done! That’s 25% of what we got done in 10% of the time!

Jean and I finished out the day by heading to Home Depot and picking up another 14 batts of insulation (we had 10 rolls left from Saturday) in the backs of both big trucks.
Sunday I came out around 7:30 to run as much data wire as I could. I finished with the Kitchen by the time Kathy and Bob and my Mom arrived, I could help out on insulation. Both Meghan and Krissy helped out as well, so we had a regular crew going by mid-morning!

We absolutely powered through the rest of the dome roof, and then stopped for a lunch of grilled brats and hotdogs, courtesy of Kathy, and chips and soda by Krissy and Jean.
After lunch, Jason (Mike’s friend from Air Soft) even showed up to help and stayed until 6 (!) in the evening. Everyone was an incredible help.

Kathy came back to pick up Lucas and let Jean and I finish out the last pieces, and we got out of there around 7:15. We were done!
Today, we get it inspected, and this week we have Victor beginning our drywall! This next weekend, we’ll be doing siding while they do the drywall in the dome.