We’re still here!

Wow. So we’ve been super busy and haven’t had much time, but here’s an update.
This past Saturday, we powered through about half the stuff we were required to do to pass our framing and electrical inspections. It was absolutely beautiful that day, letting Jean and Lucas come out as well.
We bonded all our ground wires together with copper collars, stripped insulation from wires inside electrical receptacles, added framing around ductwork and more. Kathy and Marsha filled in webbing material behind Joist hangars.
We had a scare when Ron, our septic field contractor, popped the circuit when accidentally dropping an extension cord into the water in the septic tank cavity-while also himself in the water! We figured we fried the circuit. No more power that day without the generator.

On Sunday, I made an extensive trip to Home Depot to get wood and electrical materials.
We finished up the “to-do” list and even got one pair of speaker wiring ran.
We finished all the framing around the ductwork, ran a few circuits for our Septic pumps and control panel, nailed in the webbing material and Jean and Lucas helped to run our smoke detector circuit and add shatter-proof material to our bathroom windows.
This week, our plumbers work to finish their job for our inspection on Friday. Hopefully we’ll pass this time and move on to insulation this weekend.