Wiring Complete! Sort of..

This past weekend we finished out the electrical wiring.
On Saturday, my dad gave up a bike ride on a beautiful day to help me out at Hearthwood with wiring and beginning the duct that vents the range hood outside. He also helped with the framework around that duct.
Sunday, I finished the duct for the stove vent and framing around another duct. so now, even our non-essential framing is mostly done and ready for drywall.

I also drilled the holes for running speaker wire and coaxial wire so we can get right into that this weekend, and swept the whole house in preparation for the inspection this week: framing, plumbing, gas and electrical(!)
Now the sucky news. We only passed our gas inspection.
Plumbing-not our fault. The plumber didn’t have the pipe filled with water for the inspection.
Framing-so it turns out we need ALL the framing done, not just structural. And a couple other small things.
Electrical- we were so close. We just need to bond all the grounds together and some other small stuff. Time-consuming though.
So this next weekend we’ll be attending to all this stuff, unless Jean and her dad get to it during the day this week. And we’re supposed to have sunshine and 70 degree weather so it will be absolutely beautiful!